Keep Your Roof in Tiptop Shape

Keep Your Roof in Tiptop Shape

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Do you have to scramble for buckets every time it starts to rain? Leaking water is more than just an inconvenience-damage can spread to your walls, electrical outlets and foundation before you know it. For swift roof repair services at fair and honest prices, trust the experts at Rames Roof in Lewes, DE and surrounding areas.

Our team can easily repair broken shingles, punctured metal or lifting tiles. We'll inspect your entire roofing system to determine the extent of the damage and repair it right away.

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Roof Repairs in Lewes, DE

Signs you need roof leak repair

A leaking roof isn't always obvious. Instead of visible drips, you may have a slow leak that will spread over time. Schedule roof leak repair right away if you notice:

Water stains on your walls or ceiling
Blisters or bubbles on your wallpaper
Mold or mildew smells
Difficulty opening doors or windows
Steadily rising energy bills

We'll take a close look at your property's interior and exterior to give you a fair and honest assessment. Meet with us today to discuss your roof repair needs.